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10 August 2020

Cloud Technology in Conjunction with Automated Scheduling

Posted by Meg McCormick

Tedious processes are never favorable. When there is an opportunity to simplify a task, there is typically no question on whether to make the switch. When it comes to manually scheduling employees, the task can become overwhelming, quickly. With every change, a manual schedule must undergo a scan to make sure all times align, and even then, there is a high chance for mistakes. With a full plate of to-do's, who has time to be manually scheduling employees? 

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03 August 2020

What to Expect from Your Police Department Post COVID-19

Posted by Meg McCormick

Law enforcement operations have been heavily altered through the effects of COVID-19. Substitute methods of penalty have been applied to keep both civilians and front-line workers at a lower risk of contracting the coronavirus.  


Quarantine regulations presented complications within departments nationwide as many officers did not return to duty after their temporary leave had ended. Due to a lack in personnel, strategic planning was necessary to rebuild new shift schedules. So, how will departments bounce back post COVID-19 changes? What changes will revert to original procedure and which will remain? 

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27 July 2020

Effective Shift Coverage During and After COVID-19

Posted by Meg McCormick

There is no one way to create preparedness within an organization amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, even with the uncertain future ahead, there is an opportunity to evaluate and reorganize your business for success during these trying times. Developing new tactics for managing the expected return to normalcy can enable your business to remain positive and productive in the meantime. 

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