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30 November 2020

Why Keeping Track of Time and Attendance Is More Important Than Ever for the Bottom Line

Posted by Meg McCormick

Why keeping Track of Time and Attendance Is More Important Than Ever for the Bottom Line-1

Business owners understand the importance of keeping track of their employees' time and attendance. The task can be challenging without a system that can simplify the process and keep the information organized. Many businesses have been implementing scheduling software that automatically tracks and computes all the data. However, an effective workforce management software system can offer more than just the basics to simplify and advance the workforce. This article discusses what qualities are needed to ensure you are not overspending on your scheduling efforts. 

Overtime Management 

Overtime is a common result of struggles with scheduling and extended work hours. A business may be surprised at the amount they are spending due to overtime issues. Keeping track of hours is vital to reduce overspending. Managers need to be equipped with the right tools to better understand why overtime is occurring and how to mitigate the problem. The right workforce management system should be able to manage overtime with automatically generated employee lists based on skill sets to ensure that shifts are covered by those who are qualified. A system with these workforce management capabilities will help your business save significantly, as well as eliminate the issues related to overworked employees. 

Payroll Integration 

payroll process that can work together in relation to your workforce management analytics can reduce inaccurate information and avoid confusion. Traditional methods such as scheduling with excel sheets take a lot of time to organize and complete which strains on the effectiveness of other tasks. Spreadsheets cannot handle the skill sets of workers, payroll integration, labor laws and requirements, fairly assigning overtime, or a host of other workforce management-related needs. Fortunately, workforce management software offers tools that allow users to customize desktops, data fields, reports and more to make your workforce management system unique to the way you do business. Save time and money with an accurate calculation of employee work hours according to your business, union, and HR rules that takes one-third of the time of a manual process. 

Real-Time Data 

Real-time scheduling data is a feature that is important to proactively manage a workforce. Managers will be able to immediately know when overtime is needed, a shift falls below minimum staffing levels, a certification has expired, or a call-out occurs. All changes to the schedule are updated throughout the workforce management system in real-time to avoid scrambling afterwards, taking away from productivity and customer service. 

Employee Self-Serve 

The ability for an employee to manage and track their time is a powerful motivator for success. It is a proven fact that employees that are empowered to manage their own schedules are more productive, engaged, and effective in their day-to-day responsibilities. Today’s workforce must be equipped with automated tools that allow the employee to easily request time off, view overtime opportunities, participate in shift bidding for preferable shift opportunities and receive real-time notifications of shift and time off approvals. 

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