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28 December 2020

7 Benefits of Workforce Management Software for Public Safety

Posted by Meg McCormick

7 Benefits of Workforce Management Software for Public Safety

Historically, Public Safety agencies have been required to buy, build, and maintain internal IT infrastructures despite exponential costs. The primary justification for this cost was to control and secure confidential data. However today, dedicated hosting centers for software applications have become a more viable alternative for police, correctional, and fire agencies due to the heightened security and precautions these data centers employ 24/7/365. 

Workforce management systems that are hosted at professional data centers are considered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or cloud computing. Now, agencies can plug in and subscribe to services built on this shared infrastructure via the Internet. In recent years, the benefits of software as a service have become more recognizable because of the following: 

No Hardware to Purchase, Install or Maintain  

With access to cloud technology, there is no need for physical hardware, as the cloud is supported by any device that has internet access. By implementing a workforce management system within your business through the internet, there is a minimal installation process and less to update and maintain. With cloud access, employees can view their schedules on their own devices and request schedule changes themselves, streamlining managerial processes. 

Rapid Deployment 

Since there is no software installation required, a rapid deployment is possible, making it simple for command staff and supervisors to focus on other needs and streamline their job of scheduling employees.  

Simple, Low-Cost Implementation Process 

For organizations with multiple location sites, there is no need for more than one installation with a SaaS model. With use of the internet, one admin account is all you need to access from anywhere, simplifying the implementation process and reducing cost. Reduction of cost is also possible using less machines installed, thanks to internet capabilities.  

No Capital Outlay 

Because the subscription fees can be paid on a yearly basis without the need to purchase the software licenses outright, it is easier to budget for the SaaS-solution and pass the monthly costs through an operating budget. 

High Adoption 

SaaS applications tend to have higher adoption rates since employees have easy, instant access to the functions they need. The simplified installment process is also a contributor to an increase of adopting these types of systems and services.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership 

When comparing the costs of SaaS solutions to traditional, premise-based software solutions, the application license fees are only a small portion of the total cost to implement, customize, manage and support traditional software.

Unparalleled Security  

Security guards on premise 24/7/365, bullet-proof glass, consistent virus-protection uploads, redundancy, cooling systems, onsite fuel reserves, and 99.9% uptime are only some of the many features provided by dedicated hosting centers. 

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