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16 November 2020

Customizable Workforce Management Shaping Business Performance

Posted by Meg McCormick


Workforce management software is a key component to efficiently managing a business. So, having the capability to customize the software to fit specific needs and preferences is important. Customizable software acknowledges different aspects of the workday and tailors to the specific needs of any business. This article will describe a few customizable components that better business performance.

Overtime Shift Bidding

Shift bidding provides employees access to view available shifts. The beauty of shift bidding through workforce management technology is that the system selects and ranks employees in order of priority. This means the system is aware of the employee's qualifications and allows for employees to pick up extra shifts designed specifically to give fair chances to those who are eligible. Staff can bid on overtime shifts directly from a smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. It's a win-win situation for employers who need these shifts picked up and for employees who need the extra hours.

Time Clock Verification

Verify schedule data using time clock check-ins via key fob, prox card, fingerprint or handprint. Compare punch times with the schedule to ensure employees are paid for hours legitimately worked. Organizations can save a substantial amount of money with the proper time clock verification by eliminating overpayment mistakes that result from buddy punching and the “close enough” (rounding) factor with timecards. With time clock verification everyone is paid fairly for the hours they worked. With COVID-19 still looming, VCS Intelligent Workforce Management offers contactless time clocks. This feature of the time clock allows for employees to safely record their hours and maintain a steady routine. These time clocks are a great addition to an organization who has its employees in the physical workplace. Implementing hygienic resources will not only keep staff safe but give them the peace of mind they deserve.

Training Certification

Track employee skill sets and certifications through the workforce management system. Always know when an employee has acquired new skills which make them eligible for additional working jobs or promotions. Track certification expirations that instantly inform when an employee needs to be re-certified or requires additional training. This will be beneficial for both employers to keep track of progress and for employees to receive the proper training they need to advance.

Security Levels

Customizable workforce management software has the capabilities to set security levels and differing levels of access. Each security level has specific permissions within the system that are available for view and edit capabilities. These can be adjusted and customized to fit any organization’s business practices.

The ability to create additional profiles is available. This customization will keep important documents secure, with quick access to avoid misplaced documentation.

Staff Shortage Alerts

Receive immediate alerts when a shift falls below minimum staffing requirements. Within the system’s dashboard, the color of the shift will change dramatically to notify the user. Apply skill set rules to determine the best employees to cover any shift that is understaffed. This is a great tool to take advantage of, as it equips the shift with qualified employees, getting the job done with less hassle and more efficiency.

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