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30 May 2019

The Importance of Keeping Up with Technology in the Workforce

Posted by VCS Software

Today, technology is everywhere, and it is not going away anytime soon. It is a part of our personal and professional lives daily. Throughout the past few decades, the evolution of technology has become more rapid than ever.

Technology has been implemented into the workplace in large masses, and it has surely impacted the workforce in ways that are hard to now live without. So, why is the evolution of technology so important to grasp?

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18 December 2018

HR Most Likely to Spend on Employee Engagement and AI-Driven Technology in 2019

Posted by Michelle Grossman

In a recent survey conducted by G2 Crowd, findings revealed that none other than increasing employee engagement will continue on as a main priority for businesses in 2019.

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03 December 2018

How You Can Learn from Time & Attendance Data

Posted by Michelle Grossman

Today’s business leaders are leveraging their employee’s time and attendance data to help make informed and impactful decisions for their respective organizations. 

While many might think attendance data simply notes who’s on the clock and who’s not, it actually goes far beyond those walls, making tracking employee activities and measuring engagement easier than ever before.

Read on below to find out more about what you can learn from time and attendance data.

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26 November 2018

The Role of Technology in HR & How it Can Benefit Your Workforce

Posted by Michelle Grossman

With employees at the foundation of every organization, it’s no secret that a company’s workforce is its most valuable resource… or at least it should be. If you’re not there yet, or want to remain on top, you may want to consider implementing technology into your HR plan to give you that extra boost.

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06 March 2018

Outdated Technology Have You Feeling Stuck In The Stone Age?

Posted by Dominick Mauro

We all know that technology plays an important part in the workplace. However, if that technology is outdated, it can have a negative effect on the production of your workforce.

Here are some examples of how older less efficient technology negatively impacts your business....

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28 November 2017

Proactive, Predictive Workforce Scheduling Helps Improve Productivity

Posted by Guy DiMemmo

Lessons learned from customizing scheduling software

It’s a given. When it comes to workforce scheduling, we can all agree we want to have the right people working in the right jobs at the right time. But the challenge is a bit more complex than many people realize – a one-size fits all solution simply does not exist. Whether in the public or private sectors, it is important to think beyond automation of the here-and-now needs of time and attendance to focus on the events of tomorrow. The former is pedestrian and limiting, the latter predictive and empowering.

While there are many software solutions promising to ensure this, many neglect to take factors into account that ensure legality and accountability, in addition to professionalism and efficiency. The devil truly is in the details, and solutions must be tailored accordingly.

I believe my story is an informative one, as I was faced with the formidable challenge of creating a workforce management system that could accomplish these goals in an environment whose stakes can, literally, be life and death: policing. Specifically, my potential customer was the police department of Princeton, New Jersey.

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24 February 2016

Essential Productivity Tips For Small Businesses

Posted by VCS Software

Productivity is the muscle of your organization's success. So what is the key to improving productivity in the workplace? Maintain high levels of commitment and strong work ethic by offering a pleasant workforce. A small business has fewer employees, which means teamwork and communication with one another is vital for success. This article discusses tips to advance your small business by achieving strong and consistent productivity.

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06 January 2016

How To Plan For The Implementation Of New Automation Projects

Posted by VCS Software

As a manager, you constantly need to find ways to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Making the decision to implement an automation system into the workplace can be a big change but can help achieve your goals. Effective project planning will help you take the steps in the right direction to make your implementation project a success. 

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06 October 2015

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Solutions?

Posted by VCS Software

In recent years, roles for the average CIO have changed, shifting focus toward supporting business growth strategies, reducing costs, and supporting innovation. Yes, these new roles present a lot of pressure, but the cloud presents a wide array of solutions. When businesses successfully adopt cloud solutions, they have the ability to lower total costs and transition to a variable cost structure.

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  in Technology

08 September 2015

Payroll Automation: Efficiency, Accuracy, and Speed [Infographic]

Posted by VCS Software

Proper management of your staff is essential for an organization to be able to operate efficiently within budget. Our Active Schedules offers you unprecedented control, allowing the customization of the system to your organization's rules and requirements. Remember, your labor force is the most expensive part of your operating budget, so whether you are a small business or a large corporation, proactively managing your workforce for productivity is an absolute necessity in today's business landscape. For now, check out our new infographic, which details the benefits of our payroll automation & active scheduling software. 

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