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21 December 2020

How Interns Benefit Business Practices

Posted by Meg McCormick

How Interns Benefit Business Practices

Internships allow for individuals to immerse themselves in a specific environment that relates to their desired occupation or profession. An intern is provided with the ability to understand related daily activities and make connections of what they learned and how to apply it to what they are experiencing. Internships are not only beneficial for prospective workers but also for businesses interested in qualifying employees prior to hire. 

What Is an Internship? 

Internships provide experiences for a student to perform a specific job by having them accompany a seasoned worker as they execute daily tasks. This enables the intern to learn  

Valuable skills required to work and succeed in a specific field. The intern gains real world experience that pertains to their specific career path. 

Molding Desired Skills 

When a student or potential hire shadows a professional during their internship, they become better educated about the job requirements. As they gain actual experience, the business gains more qualified employment candidates. Companies can mold the working behaviors and habits of the intern, so they are more knowledgeable about company vision and goals. Components such as business principles, quality control and customer service can all be introduced during the internship. This allows for a business to develop prospective qualified employees without having to pay for training wages until both parties are sure the role is a suitable fit. 

Understanding Prospective Personas 

What types of people are looking into employment with your company? Internships are a strategic alternative to answer that question. An intern can quantify and qualify the skillsets that they bring to the table and how those skills match the needs of any organization. This enables any organization to determine if certain schools are doing a better job than others at preparing students for the workforce and their specific fieldNot only does the intern face new experiences, but the business learns new techniques. 

Developed Training Methods 

Long term training for existing staff can be costly and inefficient. Scheduling training while still expecting current staff to perform day to day tasks is difficult to manage. Providing internship opportunities can cut down on the time and costs due to an educational experience that doesn't necessarily require payment. Additionally, through the internship process, the employee being shadowed doesn't have to compromise much time away from their duties because the intern is there to observe and complete their own tasks, rather than train. With the implementation of internships in a business, expenses may be reduced or eliminated entirely. 

Improve Productivity 

Students who seek internship opportunities are looking to gain real world experience and will work hard to improve their knowledge in their desired field. A company that delivers educational opportunities have a higher chance at securing long-term, loyal employees. Companies can benefit from internships, as you can mold potential candidates. Those who intern will benefit from the experience as well as the potential to work in their dream career. 


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