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23 November 2020

Workforce Management Technology Improving Employee Engagement and Retention

Posted by Meg McCormick


Ensuring that your staff have a positive experience at work will ultimately result in a return on investmentIt takes effort into creating a functional and fulfilling environment where employees become personally dedicated to their workWith staff excited to be a part of every endeavor, communication heightens due to a common interest. This builds employee engagement; and not to mention remarkable rapport among one another.  

Employee engagement boils down to the relationship and connection employees have with their place of work. The more satisfied the employee is, the higher level of performance. With increased employee engagement, companies are 21% more profitable, according to Smarp. So, what can a business do to increase their employee engagement and retention rate? 

Workforce Management Technology 

Workforce management software is changing the way businesses operate. Streamlining a grueling, manual process, workforce management technology understands the needs and demands that employee scheduling requires. Listed below are features that workforce management solutions contribute to employee engagement and retention. 

Flexibility with Cloud Technology 

Employees want to know that their personal concerns are heard. Providing a flexible schedule helps employees to find a healthy work-life balance. A flexible schedule means there needs to be a reliable system on the other end running efficientlyThis is possible with cloud technology. Cloud technology creates a safe database, storing different categories of information that pertain to your company in a virtual filing cabinetThis allows for information to be accessed anywhere, anytime. However, you can grant different levels of access to your staff, limiting the range of changes they can make to system. 

Employers and employees both have access to the organization’s schedule in real-timeEmployees can view all shifts that are available for coverage. Cloud technology has secure, protective layers so that personal information inputted into the database is private. The information stored in the cloud database is only accessible to those who are permitted credentials to login into the server. 

Open Shift Qualification 

With the availability for flexible shifts, a workforce management software system selects only the staff members who are qualified to fill that specific shift. The priority status of an employee cannot be overlooked unless an administrator is selecting shifts. This feature makes room for fairness among employees and is first come, first serve, based on qualification status. This can increase employee satisfaction as employees will be aware of the rules of the workforce management system and how shifts are filled. 

Manual Hassles Eliminated 

With workforce management software, eliminate common unwanted hassles that appear through manual schedulingA workforce management system is programmed to work smart through a list of skillsets and rules. This removes human error and simplifies the scheduling process entirely. Employees no longer have to wait for their schedule each week, as predictive forecasting helps create a steady schedule for each employee. This feature allows for employees to plan ahead and find coverage, making the functions of a business run smoother.  

VCS Intelligent Workforce Management Software 

With VCS Intelligent Workforce Management software, employers can keep track of work and certifications needed which, in turn, can help lead to recognition and growth. Also, having a system available that simplifies the process and allows employees to be involved, gives managers more time to focus on other employee needs which creates a positive atmosphere for the workplace. 

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