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07 December 2020

Workforce Management and Flex Scheduling

Posted by Meg McCormick

Workforce Management and Flex Scheduling

Often, employees find difficulty with finding ways to mesh their work schedule with their personal schedule. With a customizable workforce management system, alleviate the stress many employees may face throughout the day, while keeping mission critical business activities on track. Compose guidelines that will ensure meetings aren’t missed, while giving employees some freedom with their schedule. In this post, we will discuss how both employers and employees can benefit from a flex scheduling system. 

Benefits to Employees  

The time of day in which an employee is the most productive and fresh is not the same for everyone. By implementing flex scheduling, early birds can complete more work earlier in the day and night owls have the option to work later. 

Employees Gain Parenting Flexibility 
Creating a healthy work-life balance is hard enough; add children to the mix and the task can sometimes be daunting. Keeping that in mind, being receptive to your workforce needs and offering options will build a better, stronger work environment for everyone. Flexibility will allow for staff to stay on task, and still make time for their children. 

Personal Obligations 

Of course, all employees have personal responsibilities and commitments that must be managed along with their job duties. With flex scheduling, an employee can use time during the day for those personal commitments,  and work the hours they missed throughout the week. 

Benefits to Employers 

With a workforce management system, employees are happier, morale is higher, and they are typically more productive when they are at work. With a schedule that can be adjusted to fit their needs, an employee will be much less likely to be absent. 

Improved Employee Morale 

Utilizing a workforce management system that incorporates a flexible scheduling module will be enthusiastically adopted by your employees. Once in place, expect your workplace productivity rate to rise due to improved overall morale amongst your staff. With higher productivity, your business will be able to increase its output without sacrificing the quality of your work. 

Attract More Talent 

According to Business Know How, "small businesses often offer flex plans as a successful recruitment tactic. It is one of the ways they can stay competitive with bigger companies that frequently offer a better package of salary and health insurance benefits.”  

Many parents are unable to work when they are raising their children because they don’t have eight consistent hours to work every day. Unfortunately, this pulls a lot of unused talent from the workforce. Offering flex scheduling can attract new talent to your business without interfering with an employee’s personal life. This will not only help them contribute financially to their family, but also will enable them to stay involved in new business practices and technology for the future. 

Stay Up to Date with Workforce Management 

Staying involved with your employees’ schedules is important to ensure that your company achieves its business goals. Implementing a workforce management system is crucial to make sure your employees are fulfilling their required hours. Using a key card or biometric time clock is an effective method for keeping track of your employees’ work hours.  

For additional information on how to implement a workforce management solution, contact VCS Intelligent Workforce Management for more information. 


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