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10 August 2020

Cloud Technology in Conjunction with Automated Scheduling

Posted by Meg McCormick


Tedious processes are never favorable. When there is an opportunity to simplify a task, there is typically no question on whether to make the switch. When it comes to manually scheduling employees, the task can become overwhelming, quickly. With every change, a manual schedule must undergo a scan to make sure all times align, and even then, there is a high chance for mistakes. With a full plate of to-do's, who has time to be manually scheduling employees? 


Mobile devices are the center of communication and their functionality is growing at an undeniable rate. With the use of cloud technology, individuals are becoming more dependent on technological devicesAt home or in the office, electronic tools can assist every endeavor.  


Communication and functionality are two of many characteristics needed to create a successful, thriving business. Luckily, automated scheduling brings those characteristics full circle, but thats not all it has to offer.  


Cloud Technology 

Effective scheduling means access anytime, anywhere. With cloud technology, employees can access work folders, schedules, even work together on the same project simultaneously. This is possible through a shared data center. The data center is protected so that only those with specific login credentials can access information and files of that organization 


Cloud technology is accredited to why automated scheduling is so reliable. Employees can input and edit their schedules, tailoring their needs while also being aware of their coworkers’ schedules. The cloud automatically saves changes, allowing for real-time updates to every staff member’s schedule 


The responsibilities of a schedule supervisor are dramatically reduced by the abilities of the cloudNow, every employee can take part in creating a trustworthy and cohesive schedule. 

The cloud holds many properties that make for easy collaboration and simplifies previous organizational tactics.


Cloud Qualities: 

  • Easy maintenance 
  • Large network access 
  • Availability 
  • Economical 
  • Secure 


More importantly, feel secure using the cloud. The cloud uses guarded technology to keep unwanted users from reaching an organization’s data. The collected data archived within the cloud can allow for an organization to view insightful statistics and trends. 


VCS intelligent workforce management systems gather schedule data from the cloud to prepare a payroll overview which can be exported to selected payroll providers. Providing this information to a payroll provider ensures an extra cushion when trying to avoid errors in time and attendance, as well as paid time off.  


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Algorithms create rules for technology to follow. Different devices are programmed with certain rules pertaining to the job that is being instructed. VCS systems are specifically designed to aid scheduling processes. With VCS algorithms, automated scheduling systems are programmed to ensure perfect scheduling matches. These algorithms also input which employee will best suit the job that is looking to be filled.  


VCS systems also provide an algorithm that computes the entire workforce schedule. The system automatically declines time-off requests and compliance is guaranteed with VCSas algorithms include a safety net around all state and federal laws. 


Time and Resources Saved 

The cloud supplies alternatives to manual solutions. With automated scheduling, remove a lengthy process by applying an efficient, dependable system. By implementing a smart systemresources are being put to work elsewhere, making an organization more productive. 


Automated scheduling also pushes for an eco-friendly environment within the workplace by replacing paper scheduling with an online service. The cloud provides many paper alternatives, which in return saves your company money and pushes an eco-conscious agenda.  


Saving money does not stop at replacing paper with cloud technology. With automated scheduling, gain control of staff. The time and money lost by simple mistakes made by manual scheduling are now part of the past. Compared to manual scheduling practices, the reliable and cost-effective performance of automated scheduling will show a continued increase of results over time. 


VCS Scheduling Features with Cloud Technology 

VCS intelligent workforce management system offers an array of services to cater to an organization’s demands. With these features, they are all accessible through cloud technology to keep your organization moving forward, effortlessly 


  • Gain insight into workforce data 
  • Track time in cloud 
  • Schedule upcoming events 
  • Manage PTO requests 
  • Connect with your team faster 
  • Schedule overtime smarter 
  • Keep track of employee tasks 


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