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30 May 2019

The Importance of Keeping Up with Technology in the Workforce

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The Importance of Keeping Up with Technology in the Workforce

Today, technology is everywhere, and it is not going away anytime soon. It is a part of our personal and professional lives daily. Throughout the past few decades, the evolution of technology has become more rapid than ever.

Technology has been implemented into the workplace in large masses, and it has surely impacted the workforce in ways that are hard to now live without. So, why is the evolution of technology so important to grasp?

As technology continues to change at such a fast pace, it is crucial that the workforce remains up to date with new technological information and services. If a workforce does not keep up with the constant changes of technology, they will fall behind and become unable to assist their clients in the most efficient way possible. 

Communication relies heavily on technology, as do relationships between businesses and clients depend on an organized and modern approach.

Some of the major impacts of technology in the workforce include:

Circulation of Information

Transparent communication between staff and leadership is a proven way to improve efficiency and increase employee satisfaction leading to bottom-line benefits. VCS workforce communication tools provide instantaneous messaging capabilities through email, phone, and text for managers and employees alike.


Implementing technology into your workforce can allow you to streamline your most tedious and time-consuming tasks. Establishing workflow processes and rules within the workplace provides organizational structure in the management of employee personnel while also ensuring that you remain compliant with any and all rules and regulations that define your business processes.

Even if your workplace does not have processes in place, learning how to implement these processes and establish workflow rules can and will improve workplace efficiency. The VCS time and labor management solution provides the framework for the establishment of workflow rules with its artificial intelligence engine and automated platform. Implementing workflow efficiencies will enable your team to complete more work in less time, standardizing the work to be performed and ensuring accuracy through automation. The resulting efficiencies mean more time that can be dedicated to pursuing additional company goals that will improve profitability.

Systems and Services

VCS offers Employee Monitoring Tools that eliminate the need for managers to micromanage, all while allowing them to measure productivity and evaluate KPI’s, ensuring that your operations are always running smoothly, and deadlines are being met.

Thanks to technology, employers now have the ability to monitor and manage employee activity that can directly affect productivity. The VCS workload module provides accurate and real-time data on an employee’s activity at any time thus providing an objective view critical in assessing employee performance and any relative action needed to evaluate and mediate as needed.

Additionally, the VCS Employee Monitoring Tools ensure that time spent on tasks is time well spent. Time wasted effects the bottom line. Every minute being spent by employees on unrelated or insignificant tasks will end up costing your business money. Using the VCS employee monitoring solution can dramatically cut down the amount of wasted time, thus increasing the employee’s productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

Knowledge Management

Since promoting a highly skilled workforce leads to greater employee retention and has an overall positive impact on productivity, VCS offers learning and professional development tools to help keep track of employee achievements. These tools enable managers to always know when an employee has acquired new skills or training that makes them eligible for additional work opportunities or promotions. 

Most of all, the evolution of technology helps improve employee engagement. With the convenience of current technology and the internet, the employer and employee can both acknowledge improvement within their attitude, organization, and productivity within the company and their peers.

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