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31 August 2020

Workforce Management Payroll Assistance

Posted by Meg McCormick


When it comes to payroll, no one wants to witness mistakes. From employer to employee, misinformed payroll providers can really put a damper on someone's day. After all, it all comes down to money, does it not? So, why not invest in something that takes the necessary steps to prepare a payroll company for a successful transaction.  

According to LCAF Payroll Services, payroll companies provide their clients with a variety of services related to their specific payroll needs. This includes: 

  • Cutting checks  
  • Processing employee hours 
  • Directly depositing funds 
  • Ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time, every time.  

Workforce Management Integrating with Payroll Company 

Payroll companies often equip a business with a manual clock monitor in place of a paper timesheetMonitors are a great component to a workforce where majority of employees get paid by the hour. Clock monitors typically require a card or instrument that interacts with the monitor to signify when the employee is or is not on the job. It is not unusual for an employee to lose this physical device or to forget to clock in when arriving to work. This leads to inaccurate data and creates a pay error which commonly goes undetected until an employee receives their paycheck.  

Workforce management systems use cloud technology to store data. This data can be accessible to everyone, if permitted. The cloud keeps this data safe by storing it separately from the device it is being entered through. This protects data from being destroyed or lost. What makes workforce management so reliable is employees can access their schedules from any electronic device and the cloud updates in real-time, leaving no question whether the information is up to date. 

Workforce management systems assist payroll providers by sharing collected data via cloud. The system creates an extra step of protection and confidence directed towards the payroll provider’s efforts. This is because the workforce management system sorts data and supplies the payroll company with the exact information they require while specifically complying with an organization’s rules and regulations as well as state and federal lawsThis makes viewing data on the payroll provider’s end simpler and fastereliminating mistakes. 

Payroll Processes Handled by Visual Computer Solutions 

It is important to note, not all workforce management systems provide a function that computes its data for payroll preparation. However, Visual Computer Solutions has all the working parts. VCS (Visual Computer Solutions) gives its clients many options to tailor to their specific needs 

Utilizing real-time electronic timesheets and payroll integration that accurately and instantly report data directly to a payroll provider, there is no worry. With our ability to seamlessly integrate with any payroll system, employees simply submit timesheets electronically for manager real-time approvals ensuring that all errors are identified and corrected prior to the payroll commit.  

As mentioned above, some clock monitor models call for the use of a physical device to track employees. Visual Computer Solutions offers a selection of advanced clock monitors that do not require any external materials to be used by employees. The Schlage HandPunch systems use an ultramodern design that identifies the unique shape of an employee’s hand to punch in and out. There are no cards to create, administer, carry – or lose with the Schlage HandPunch monitor 

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