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24 August 2020

Why Workforce Management?

Posted by Meg McCormick


The relevance of workforce management systems is continuously growing, with good reason. For those who are unaware of what workforce management has to offer, here is a quick read on the purpose and function of workforce management services. 


So, What Exactly Is Workforce Management? 

The beauty of a workforce management system is that it provides the ability to pinpoint and better utilize the potential of an organization. The system works toward creating and supplying prime solutions on how to attain said potential.  


Workforce management systems are an all-encompassing service that makes an organization’s productivity its main priority. Uniquely designed to achieve organizational success, the system keeps track of individual tasks and schedules while eliminating the need to micro-manage. 


Workforce management is not just about scheduling employees. Listed below are some of the functions included in a workforce management system: 

  • Real-Time Data Collection 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Training Management 
  • Performance Management 
  • Forecasting  
  • Budgeting 
  • Scheduling 
  • Analytical Data 


Functions of Workforce Management 

Workforce management can benefit any workforce by streamlining tasks that are monotonous and time-consuming while building a strong, dependable structure.  


Real-Time Data: With real-time data collection, any adjustments made to a workplace schedule can be seen by others immediately. It is easy to trust an automated scheduling system for it always remains up to date with the use of cloud technology. Each schedule can properly align, making for max productivity with no mistakes.  


Please view our VCS blog, Cloud Technology in Conjunction with Automated Scheduling to learn more about the significance of cloud technology.  


Human Resources: Workforce management supplies an imbedded use of human resource management skills. This feature makes the system a reliable source with regard to compliance with state and federal laws, as well as maintaining the organizations code of conduct.  


Training Management: With workforce management, software is the main component to achieving goals. Training new employees becomes simpler as rules and training devices can be found all in one place and are accessible through mobile and stationary devices.  


Performance Management: One of the sole purposes of workforce management is to track performance. With having real-time data available, tracing patterns of the company or an individual employee comes with no effort. Workforce management equips an organization with the tools to better manage any aspect of their workforce. By maintaining information over time, an organization will be able to identify positives and negatives within the work environment. 


Forecasting: As information is inputted into the system, the data gained provides a precise prediction on what may come of the future, regarding employee and organizational trends. Workforce management systems can ‘forecast’ possible outcomes based on data that has been recorded throughout its use


Budgeting: Workforce management reduces financial risk and helps support an outlook into future budgets. By collecting data that is based on an organization’s history, forming financial goals and initiatives is less challenging with the hindsight of previous, accurate data.  


Analytics: Data filtered through a computational analysis can impart valued insights to better an organization. With the data recorded from a company’s daily actions, interpretations of the data open the door to effective decision making for future processes.  


Why Visual Computer Solutions? 

For over 20 years, VCS Intelligent Workforce Management has been perfecting the art of workforce management technology. Although specializing in the government and public safety sector, we offer solutions for any business of any size. Visual Computer Solutions works with essential, fast-paced clients whose needs are often at a higher scale. With this experience, VCS is prepared to cater to any workforce requirements. 


VCS software includes all the workforce management features listed above, PLUS payroll integration. With cloud technology, data collected is filtered and sorted to issue a payroll provider with all necessary information. This feature helps to minimize payroll errors which in return, creates satisfied employees.  


VCS systems are color coded, making for uncomplicated navigation on both mobile and stationary devices. VCS also includes an in-depth training to ensure that the organization is using each function to the best of its ability.  

Our software products consist of: 

  • AION – Business Industry and Municipalities 
  • POSS – Police Departments 
  • FIRES – Fire Departments and EMS 
  • COSS – Correctional Facilities 
  • Jobs4Blue – Extra Duty Service 


To view our software products in full detail, please visit and select Products.