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22 December 2014

Why Track Employees Through Automated Scheduling?

Posted by Diane DiMemmo
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Why Track Employee Time through an Automated Scheduling System?

Tracking employee time manually can be such a hassle. Managers responsible for entering employee work information may be doing this using an Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Word document, or even on handwritten slips of paper. Yikes!

Manual employee tracking can lead to errors in work time and resulting pay, as well as cause major discord between employees and supervisory staff. Utilizing an automated system is an easier, more reliable and accurate way of tracking employee work time when the right software is chosen.

By tracking employee work time through an automated scheduling system, you will:

Reduce manual errors and increase productivity. Since scheduling systems are designed to automatically track an employee’s time worked, manual data entry is reduced significantly and supervisors previously responsible for tracking this can move on to other tasks.

Record employee history with the ability to export for reporting purposes. An employee’s work time history including sick time, requested days off, and overtime are instantly recorded within a scheduling system and can be used to track employee habits and other positive or negative work patterns.

Save time and increase revenue. Supervisors who were responsible for manually tracking employee hours can now focus their energy on other pressing tasks and assigned duties. This increased efficiency will result in higher productivity, thus boosting your company’s bottom line. Ultimately, an automated system will support a more productive work day for the employees responsible for these types of tasks.

Managing your workforce manually can be difficult and time consuming. Companies that equip themselves with the right scheduling and time & attendance tools will minimize scheduling errors, improve productivity, and save significant time with administrative tasks. Automation of labor management can actually become the simplest part of the work day.

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