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15 January 2015

Choosing The Scheduling System That Fits Your Needs

Posted by Diane DiMemmo
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Choosing a scheduling system can be a daunting task since there are so many companies who offer systems marketed as “cutting edge” or “compelling”. In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed when researching the system that fits your needs the best, you should first take some preliminary steps before you start the research process.

Doing this will help you weed through scheduling systems that do not meet your needs and focus your time and energy on choosing the best scheduling software for your department, company, or business.

The best plan of action is to develop a wish list of your ideal scheduling software. The following guideline will help you get started:

Outline why you’re looking for a system. Why did you begin researching a scheduling system in the first place? What do you currently lack with your current process that propels you to search for a scheduling and time & attendance system? Understanding why you’re looking will help you put features in perspective when you begin your search.

Identify your worst scheduling headaches. What are the scheduling challenges that you face the most? Inaccuracy? Manual labor? Overtime management? The time it takes to schedule employees? Identify these problems and look for a system with clear features that speak to each of your issues.

Develop a specialty features list. Are there any additional features that you would love to have? Identifying additional features prior to the start of your research will give you a better idea of the complete picture and help you identify your deal breakers.

By following these steps, you are sure to find the very best solution to fit your needs.

Scheduling System Comparison Chart