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06 October 2015

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Solutions?

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In recent years, roles for the average CIO have changed, shifting focus toward supporting business growth strategies, reducing costs, and supporting innovation. Yes, these new roles present a lot of pressure, but the cloud presents a wide array of solutions. When businesses successfully adopt cloud solutions, they have the ability to lower total costs and transition to a variable cost structure.

Cloud applications differ greatly from their traditional on-premise software counterparts, as the cloud provider becomes responsible for the maintenance, operations, and bandwidth of the software.

According to an Entrepreneur article, "37 percent of U.S. small businesses have fully adapted to cloud computing." The same article cites a 2014 Intuit study, predicting that the 37% of small businesses will more than double to 80 percent by 2020."

It's clear: the cloud is redefining the manner in which companies do business. This post includes an infographic, detailing the benefits of cloud solutions.


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