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27 September 2017

VCS' POSS Reaches 500 Police Departments

Posted by Dominick Mauro
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Dynamic Automated Scheduling System is Preferred Choice of Police Departments across the U.S.

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Visual Computer Solutions, Inc. (VCS), a provider of robust personnel scheduling software solutions, has reached a lofty milestone for its landmark product. The company’s signature Police Officer Scheduling System (POSS) was recently implemented by its 500th police department, cementing the versatile software’s position as the preferred automated workforce scheduling software in the law enforcement sector.

Utilized coast to coast by police agencies, sheriff offices, security organizations, and campus police, POSS combines centralized scheduling, time and attendance tracking, electronic time cards, and payroll functionality into a single, powerful database. When combined with broadcast notification and daily activity features, the POSS rules-driven engine gives supervisors and administrators an online work schedule maker to manage staff in the most cost-effective and compliant manner possible.

Police scheduling within the Public Safety sector poses many unique challenges due to the complexity of shift patterns, rotations, minimum staffing requirements, FLSA labor laws, and agency/union rules. Additionally, there is the need to fairly distribute overtime and extra duty assignments, as well as track certifications, leave, court appearances, and time off. POSS gives users the ability to customize the scheduling system to precise needs.


Dashboards can be configured in tile format to show real-time, pertinent information on tabbed screens. Schedule rotations, overtime reasons, extra-duty rules, security levels, shift-bidding, and post names can all be constructed to fit an agency’s requirements. POSS users can design hundreds of reports by selecting the specific schedule information they need using the robust Report Writer.

“Like all VCS scheduling solutions, POSS has multiple customizable features and is notable for its flexibility, scalability, and adaptability,” said Guy DiMemmo, CEO of VCS Software. “It stands as the only competitively-priced automated scheduling system to ensure the right people, with the right skills, are working at the right ime, eliminating both potential staff shortages and excessive overtime.”

POSS enables police departments to realize significant cost savings, as it expedites the proper management of overtime, job assignments, and forecasting. It also results in increased productivity by automating formerly manual processes, eliminating paperwork, and allowing precincts to focus their time and energy elsewhere.

Easy to set up and use, POSS proactively computes data ahead of time, so hours and positions can be properly planned and staffed. And as it is Cloud-based, POSS allows remote access by multiple parties for viewing and changing schedules, as needed.

Ready to learn more? Watch our free pre-recorded demo and discover the police scheduling power of POSS!

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