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03 December 2018

How You Can Learn from Time & Attendance Data

Posted by Michelle Grossman

Business leaders analyzing time and attendance data.

Today’s business leaders are leveraging their employee’s time and attendance data to help make informed and impactful decisions for their respective organizations. 

While many might think attendance data simply notes who’s on the clock and who’s not, it actually goes far beyond those walls, making tracking employee activities and measuring engagement easier than ever before.

Read on below to find out more about what you can learn from time and attendance data.

How Productive Employees Are

The best time and attendance solutions can measure employee productivity based on project status, production or even number of customers served, while also allowing you to automatically track employee absences against planned schedules to gauge potential productivity lapses in real-time.

How to Always Be One Step Ahead

Patterns within attendance data can allow you to plan ahead for likely or repeating circumstances that may come up in the near future such as time off and PTO requests.

How to Stay within Budget

Time and attendance data can help administrators avoid unnecessary labor costs in many ways, one being by reducing overtime expenses. A lot of organizations go over budget paying out overtime to many employees, when time and attendance data can help them schedule other employees who are available and qualified, reducing labor costs.

How to Better Manage Time

Time and attendance data isn’t just beneficial to HR administrators, but the entirety of the workforce. In tracking these analytics, employees and managers alike can better understand how they currently use their time, and measure their performance against it, to think about how it can potentially be better spent for greater outcomes.

PRO TIP escrow iconWhen looking for a time and attendance solution, it’s important ask potential vendors the right questions so you can ensure the best possible ROI for your business.

 Pose questions like:

  • Will I be able to measure productivity and evaluate KPIs to ensure that my operations are always running smoothly?
  • Does your system have a seamless integration with my current payroll provider?
  • Can I add more features as my business needs change or grow?
  • How long is the onboarding and implementation process?

When recorded correctly, time and attendance data can teach you a whole lot about your overall business and how to better manage it.

Speak to a VCS Workforce Management Specialist today to learn how our time and attendance solutions can help improve employee management and productivity!