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11 September 2015

Time Clocks Fit Into The Modern Workforce?

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The time clock has experienced quite the evolution since its invention in 1888. The world has changed too. As workforces have expanded, time and clock systems have become more efficient. With the progression of technology, the employee time clock has incorporated new innovations to boost functionality. For instance, within the past decade, on-site employees have witnessed the time clock grow to incorporate biometric punch options, which are used to verify the identity of the employee and prevent “buddy-punching.” In this post we will discuss the pitfalls of archaic time clocks while shedding light on the benefits of modern time and attendance systems.

Issues Associated With the Classic Punch Clock

While it’s true that a “punch clock” offers employers and employees a certain degree of accuracy when calculating payroll; it reinforces an approach to time management that can stifle creativity and lead workers to count their hours instead of focusing on job tasks. There are numerous hassles associated with time cards, all of which affect the efficiency of your business. Whether it is an employee forgetting to punch in, one friend punching another friend in for a shift, or a lost time card, there is a more efficient method.

Punching a time clock requires physical verification rather than a relationship founded on trust. This approach fosters a work environment where employers and employees do not build personal relationships, and at the small business level, it can interfere with interpersonal relationships.

Time Management Solutions for the Modern Workforce

The modern time clock is an effective tool that managers use to track employee hours, validate the schedule, and correctly calculate payroll. Biometric punch features such as fingerprint, hand, face and retinal scanners make the check-in process easy for employees and provide them with a sense of confidence that their time will be remunerated properly. Also, managers are better equipped to switch schedules, assign overtime, grant time off, and prepare for call outs. These quick workforce adjustments benefit employees who appreciate a responsive schedule with a management team that provides information sooner rather than later.

Technological advances are driving growth in the scheduling industry as managers search for more efficient methods to track their employees’ time and attendance. For instance, advances in biometric punching and employee self-service features are forcing more employers to acknowledge the benefits of these advanced time clock devices. Not only do modern time clocks enable your business to better manage your workforce, but you also have the opportunity to establish your business as a frontrunner of the workforce management technology movement.


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