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31 January 2019

How Automated Scheduling Benefits Public Safety

Posted by Michelle Grossman


In the public sector especially, employees work around the clock, which translates into complex schedules. With so many on the workforce, and each with very important jobs to do, it is crucial that employees with the right skills are place in the right position at the right time – to put it simply, there isn’t any room for scheduling errors.

Public safety employees have enough tasks on their plate, but the good news is: automated scheduling technology can help relieve some of that administrative burden – this way, they can remain more focused on the frontline.

With automated scheduling technology, supervisors can oversee staffing levels and manage shift trades by allowing all of their employees to view and confirm their schedules on any device, from anywhere, at any time. Schedule changes are made, and visible, to the entire workforce in real time – eliminating any miscommunication and keeping everyone in the loop of who’s on and off the clock.

By implementing an automated scheduling system, staff will also be able to bid on open shifts, which can aid in reducing overtime costs. Managers have the ability to see where coverage is needed and can automatically pull up the employees who are eligible to work the shift to properly fill the position. No more no-shows or scrambling to find coverage.

Additionally, automated scheduling systems provide employees with the ability to easily submit PTO and time off requests – all with the click of the button. Simultaneously, the system keeps track of who had time off when, to fairly award days off and distribute coverage shifts as needed.

For managers, automated scheduling systems can serve as a great tool to gain greater insights into employee trends and behavior. The system can provide data on which employees are most likely to call out vs. those who are most likely to fill an open shift.

Aside from simplifying scheduling and alleviating the administrative burden, automated scheduling technology can control labor costs, manage compliance risk, and improve employee proficiency.

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