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15 November 2018

Biometric Time Tracking, Here to Save Businesses

Posted by Michelle Grossman


If you’ve been searching for the perfect way to keep track of your roster of employees – when they clock in, when they clock out, and what tasks they’re tackling throughout the day in between – then you’ll likely want to consider implementing a time and labor management solution for your workforce.

While time and labor management software can help you better schedule your employees to keep you in the loop of who’s doing what and when, it’s important to find a solution that accurately alerts you of when an employee’s day begins and when it ends, before you try to fill in the in between.

Chances are you’ve heard of buddy punching – when one employee punches in or out for another at the time clock. According to Nucleus Research and Benefits Pro, “74% of employer’s experience payroll losses averaging 2.2% of gross payroll due to buddy punching. Furthermore, biometric time clocks help ensure employers pay employees accurately, as wage and hour lawsuits cost employers upward of $400 million in settlements every year.”

Turns out, buddy punching can be pretty difficult to prevent… unless you use biometric identification.

By definition, biometric identification is “the automatic identification of living individuals by using their physiological and behavioral characteristics.” To put it simply, iPhone users, just think of how you unlock your device – the older models, with your fingerprint; the newer models, all you have to do is hold the phone up to your face. In doing so, your phone is recognizing your unique finger print or facial structure, confirming it’s you, and unlocking the device to let you in. Clocking into your place of work can work the same way, providing employers with that same verification.

With access to the latest trends in fingerprint verification and photo recognition technology, VCS specifically is positioned to provide cutting edge solutions for all your biometric identification needs.

All VCS solutions integrate time and attendance functionality to eliminate the time-consuming and tedious tasks associated with the monitoring of laborious employee timekeeping processes. With multiple time capture device options, VCS’ software automatically updates all schedules in real-time when an employee punches in via a biometric time clock, ensuring the person punching the time clock is truly who they say they are, which has long been a challenge in employee time and attendance tracking.

Ready to take time and attendance to the next level by leveraging our preferred hardware solutions to accurately track your employees’ attendance? Confirm attendance records against our time and labor management software, to avoid time-theft methods such as buddy punching and ensure 100% accurate schedule data for payroll processing.

Check out the many experts in biometric technology that VCS integrates with to provide seamless time tracking options.