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12 April 2021

Build Strong Employee Accountability with a Workforce Management System

Posted by Meg McCormick

Build Strong Employee Accountability with a Workforce Management System

Handing out responsibility in the workplace can be challenging task for administrators, as not every employee is dependable. Accountability creates a strong foundation for organizations to build from, creating a structured environment of peers––getting the job done. So, what can HR leaders and administrators do to keep staff in check, without the need to micromanage? This article covers the benefits of a workforce management system and how the system ensures employee accountability through automated time and attendance practices.  

Eliminate Time Theft 

No matter the industry, time theft occurs commonly within the workplaceAccording to Inuit, time theft costs US employers a total of $11 billion each year. Time theft takes place through buddy punching, extended breaks, misreporting, zoning out and socializingWithout proper precautions put in place to mitigate time theft, accountability levels drop, enabling employees to take advantage. 

Workforce management software supplies predictive and trackable measurements of data to reduce time theft and outsmart savvy employees. Below lists just some of the ways workforce management succeeds with time theft mitigation.  

Facial Recognition Time Clocks 

Facial recognition is on the rise within the workplace as employees are required to physically provide their facial features in order to clock in and out of work. Iris scanning biometrics measure the unique patterns in the colored circle of the eye to verify the identity of employees. Contactless and fast technology, biometric iris recognition is shaping the way employers reduce time theft.   

Facial recognition time clocks are eliminating buddy punching by removing the use of key fobs and timecards, which employees would share to clock in and out for one another. Employee accountability is created easily with iris and facial recognition as the onus is placed on each employee to arrive on time 

Time clocks record data of individual staff members, maintaining reliable time and attendance records for correct payroll processing. Correct payroll means accurate payments to staff members the first time, improving morale and accountability for timeliness.  


Mobile devices are now frequently used to clock in and out of work. With cloud technology allowing for the possibility to sign-in from any location, preventive measures must be put in place, restricting the possibility of employees clocking in from any location.  

Geofencing is a virtual barrier that creates a boundary, limiting the distance from the workplace in which employees have access to clocking in. This removes chances of time theft, ensuring employees are on-site when they clock in.  

Remote Work Accountability 

COVID-19 has brought many concerns to employers of employee accountability with remote workers becoming the majority of their workforce. However, after a year of navigation through remote work processes, many organizations found remote practices to be beneficial, creating a new sense of accountability. 

Cloud technology proves effective with at-home devices towards time and attendance accountabilityEmployees remain accountable for timeliness, as they clock into work virtually. Records are collected through the database allowing administrators to track projects and view status reports at any time.   

Placing Trust 

Laying a foundational base of trust with staff members places a higher level of accountability, as remote work still requires quality effort––even if they are not physically accessible in the workplace to be overseen 

Allow veterans to undertake remote work using their own style preferences, instilling trust within employees the job will be completed at an unsupervised location. Asking for accountability and adaptability breeds growth and new ideas, pushing the boundaries of the organization and its employees.  

Instill Accountability from the Beginning 

Structuring a workforce that is aware of the importance of accountability sets a standard for all to abide by. With a workforce management system, back employee accountability with accurate data and records of performance. Overtime, leadership can track overall business performance and build best practices for employee accountability through a workforce management system.  

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