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23 April 2015

15 Immediate Benefits of Automated Scheduling

Posted by Diane DiMemmo
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There aren’t many business procurement decisions that bring about an immediate return on investment. Implementing new products or services usually takes some time. However, if there was one type of automation that would immediately benefit your organization in 15 separate ways, would you consider taking a look at it? If your answer is yes, consider automating your scheduling process.

Administrators, Supervisors, Managers and front-end employees are all driven by the company schedule. When it’s organized, operations run smoothly. When it’s done haphazardly, staff members become confused about their assignments, and have to deal with attendance problems before they can even start working.  The ultimate goal of automated scheduling is to enable all employees to focus on their most important job responsibilities by removing the cumbersome, time-consuming task of scheduling maintenance.  Immediate benefits include:

  1. Overtime management and fair distribution of extra duty assignments

  2. Strict adherence to Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) Rules and Regulations

  3. Automatic calculation and direct transfer of hours worked

  4. Elimination of clerical and duplication errors with payroll

  5. Reduction of paperwork with electronic approval/denial of time off requests

  6. Reduction of total costs of administering leave management policies

  7. Analysis tools for reporting, projecting, and financial planning

  8. Instant access for entire workforce to schedule information, overtime opportunities, and leave requests

  9. Streamlined operations with increased productivity

  10. Comprehensive management of training certifications and schooling

  11. Web-based accessibility to empower employees to manage their own time

  12. Eliminate the cost of unnecessary overtime

  13. Fairly regulate and predict the cost of overtime

  14. Reduce potential liabilities and grievances

  15. Analysis tools which produce valuation graphs, factual numeric reports, and payroll information

Ultimately, the decision to enhance procedures with software automation will depend on the factors currently affecting your company. However, it bears repeating that the act of properly scheduling employees has a direct impact on many facets of a business, which all comes down to positively affecting the bottom line.

Scheduling System Comparison Chart