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17 August 2020

Why Proper Organization Within A Municipality Is Beneficial

Posted by Meg McCormick

58D7B608-B589-4956-BA66-F4232EC8AC54Municipalities are uniquely complex entities that are categorized by being in the realm of corporate and political organizations. Organized by residents of the area and mandated by the state, a municipality’s purpose is to provide public services to those who reside within that specific region of the state.


Municipalities are necessary to create a healthy, functioning society. Existing as building block to a larger, governmental picture, municipalities prioritize and assist a town’s public needs. According to The Maryland Municipal League, some characteristics of a municipality include: 


  • A distinct geographic territory 
  • A distinctly public character 
  • Formal organization 
  • General and specific powers to exercise 
  • Legal authority to exist 
  • Often a formal, written set of basic laws commonly called a charter 
  • Public officials who are elected periodically 
  • Specific functions to perform or services to provide 


Municipal government is a crucial aspect to a structured community. There are many resources and utilities issued by a town’s municipality. Some municipal services include: 


  • Street and landscape maintenance  
  • Public library and schools 
  • Public transportation 
  • Food inspection 
  • Sanitation 
  • Ambulance 
  • Police and fire departments 


Without proper standards, a municipality cannot maintain a significant, dependable structure. A municipality’s reliance on residents and their devotion towards their community is what keeps a consistent effort towards the betterment of a community. A cycle of public satisfaction, influx of residents, and passion for the area are needed for a community to thrive. 


So, wondering how to organize and manage a municipality effectively? There are many things to consider when developing a plan. Creating a functional municipality factors in many more components compared to a typical organization.  


First, Plan Ahead 

Prepare to be prepared! A municipality can run into many circumstances that may be preventable if hindsight is applied. Being that there is an abundance of municipalities within a county, it is important to remember to work together and learn from one another. Look to avoid the same mistakes that a fellow municipality has already experienced. Municipalities surround each other and building a secure relationship with each one will give extra opportunities and support to the community in return 


Setting goals and measures is a great way to begin outlining a town's municipal needs. Goals give a town something to strive for and maintain an outlook into the future. Measures are steps made to track performance and implements a straightforward way to move closer to completing a goal when a task has been carried out 


Be conscious of the community layout. What separates one community from the next? What plays into a community’s reputation and character? What makes a community appealing? Finding key points to what forms a community will help shape core values and direction.  


Reaching Goals 

Make sure to track data and progress as it is imperative to ensure that the goals of the municipality are met. Awareness of community budgets and income gives a general basis when forming and prioritizing goals. It may even highlight areas that need improvement.  


When goals are formed, strategic planning is essential to best manage the time and money put toward those goals. Projects should be given trusting owners to ensure that practical knowledge and effort is being put forth during the execution process. Many goals will have several projects to get the job done. It is important to emphasize the need to collaborate and work together, as it is not only beneficial to completing the project but allows others to become familiar with their community peers. 


Risks to Consider 

Another critical and influential matter of planning municipal goals is considering key risks. Here are some risks to contemplate, according to Diligent Insights: 


  • Infrastructure 
  • Financial sustainability and stability 
  • Health and safety 
  • Cyber risks 
  • Reputation 
  • Human resources 
  • Asset protection 
  • Funding 
  • Planning decisions 
  • Weather 



With workforce management systems, make the most of the time and money that is set aside for achieving municipal goals. Having an organized scheduling system can eliminate unnecessary stress and mishaps, giving more availability to focus on achieving goals and setting new ones.  


Automated scheduling instinctively programs the best schedule configuration and assesses the best employees for the job. With ease, workforce management systems are aware of employee PTO and time off. These systems also notify mobile and stationary devices to keep up with real-time changes that may affect up-coming plans.  


Visual Computer Solutions provides a system for every sector of your town. Police departments, fire departments, correctional facilities and municipalities are all covered by the software services VCS supplies. This incredible system works so efficiently that micro-managing is now extinguished from a town’s responsibilities. Concentrate on what really matters. 


Visual Computer Solutions provides its municipality software, AION, to tailor to each individual municipality, being aware that each municipality comes with its own agenda and goals. With the proper workforce management system, successfully budget for the year ahead. By tracking employees virtually, accessing schedules and employee income has never been easier. With this tool, being prepared for the future does not have to be as daunting as it once seemed.  


Here are just a few of the vast features VCS Workforce Intelligent Management systems can offer a town that is looking to improve and refine their services to the public: 

  • Streamline workflows 
  • Promote a healthy work/life balance 
  • Gain insight into data that matters most 
  • Secure and accurate time tracking 
  • Manage workforce from anywhere 
  • Track employees and their achievements 
  • Budget for the year ahead 
  • Set reminders 


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