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12 June 2019

Why Jobs4Blue is the Best Choice for Outsourcing Extra Duty

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In police officer scheduling, the terms extra duty, special duty and off duty refer to times where a police officer is not scheduled to work a regular shift, but they are nonetheless hired to work events paid by third parties. Traditionally, these events were scheduled by personnel in the precincts’ administration departments, but recently, more and more police departments have been making the switch to utilize a new best practice – outsourcing their extra duty management.

While there are other organizations that provide managed services for extra duty, Jobs4Blue is the only one with the POSS advantage.

Jobs4Blue and POSS both fall under the VCS platform of products and services specifically developed for the public safety sector. Jobs4Blue is the latest addition to the POSS (Police Officer Scheduling System) platform, which is already utilized by more than 700 police departments across the U.S., making it a trusted, household name among America’s law enforcement agencies (POSS has a particularly large footprint in its hometown of New Jersey with 300+ police departments throughout the state currently utilizing the scheduling system).

With direct access to officers’ schedules in POSS, the Jobs4Blue team utilizes this data to stay abreast on who's qualified and eligible to work an extra-duty job; no other managed service for extra duty has this scheduling data to leverage. As a byproduct of POSS, Jobs4Blue already knows officers’ schedules and how to handle them, plus, there is no new system for officers to learn.


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Utilizing Jobs4Blue also allows:

  • A company with over 20 years of police scheduling experience to find, dispatch, and process payments for extra duty jobs
  • Union compliance to be ensured at all times
  • Even and fair job awarding of all extra duty assignments
  • 24/7 access to Extra Duty Coordinator for both vendors and officers
  • Elimination of financial risk as Jobs4Blue absorbs it all

View our full whitepaper to learn more about how POSS and Jobs4Blue work perfectly together in taking care of your department's entire scheduling and extra duty needs.