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23 March 2022

What to Consider When Choosing a Payroll Solutions Vendor

Posted by Meg McCormick

Processing employee payroll does not have to be a painstaking process. Outsourcing a payroll solutions vendor is the best way to minimize time-consuming tasks, more accurately assess payroll, and better evaluate your company’s bottom line.

What Is a Payroll Service Provider?

Payroll services assist businesses with payroll processing, offering the knowledge and expertise needed to correctly cover employee time and attendance, workers’ compensation, payroll taxes and direct deposit information.

Payroll service vendors go beyond basic payroll services, creating well-rounded and valued assistance their counterparts heavily rely on. These services include employee gross pay and deduction calculations, income tax, social security contributions, sick leave, and PTO (Paid Time Off) management. Payroll service vendors file and process taxes and paychecks while keeping records of every move that is made. Many payroll service providers also offer scheduling software solutions that integrate with existing systems, streamlining your entire workforce processes.

Converting Workforce Data for Streamlined Payroll

Coupling workforce management software with a payroll vendor is the best way to avoid payroll errors. The software solution records vital employee data every day, creating a centralized database, helping to minimize payroll errors and help payroll providers accurately pay employees on a timely basis.

Most importantly, look for a payroll solutions vendor that offers an expert in onboarding and implementation to ensure a quick, yet informational integration process. An experienced manager will aid the implementation process, making educated suggestions based on your company’s unique needs and may offer advice that will increase productivity, reduce potential errors, and allow you to choose cost effective workforce management methods along the way.

Compliance with a Payroll Service Provider

One of the greatest benefits of working with a payroll solutions vendor is the ability to lock in your specific pay rules and ensure an error and complaint-free process. Automated payroll providers ensure that rules and regulations are applied to every step of the payroll process from your business log to your employees’ paychecks.

Vendor Customer Support

Another level of assistance is ongoing customer support. You are not expected to know the ins and outs of your new workforce management software solution or your payroll solutions vendor right out of the gate. It takes time to grasp, and that is why it is important to look into the payroll solutions vendor’s customer support team before moving forward with decision making. Customer support will aid all questions and assistance going forward after implementation, so it is crucial the vendor has a reliable team to keep your business on track.


Payroll solutions vendors vary in cost based on number of employees, and often have a minimum per-month cost no matter the size of your business. Ask for a consultation with a payroll solutions provider to get a better understanding of what your business needs and receive tips for best practices before making the jump.

VCS Intelligent Workforce Management

VCS Intelligent Workforce Management does your payroll preparation work for you. As the workhorse behind the payroll engine, VCS guarantees error-free payroll by automating this process, utilizing real-time electronic timesheets and payroll integration that accurately and instantly report data directly to your payroll provider.

Integrating payroll services with our partners is what we do best. VCS offers payroll services, while setting your company up for success by offering a wide range of payroll provider partnerships that we integrate with for utmost efficiency. If you are happy with your current payroll provider, we guarantee integration with your payroll company to make for a smooth transition.

Check out our VCS One-Step Payroll webinar for a more in-depth take on what we have to offer or visit to learn more.


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