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06 August 2015

What Are The Advantages Of Scheduling Software For Retail?

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Retail-Scheduling-SoftwareFluid schedules are the norm for the retail industry, so you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your current scheduling strategy. If you aren't, there's no need to worry, as retail scheduling software can help.

So, you are a retail manager who is spending far too much time working on schedules, approving schedules, attempting to juggle shift trades, and keeping up with the staff turnover, VCS Software has the solution.

Continue reading to learn how retail scheduling software can help your business.

Efficiency | Cut Payroll Time

Using an employee scheduling system frees up a significant amount of time. No longer will you have to spend hours working on tedious tasks like balancing employee schedules, and working around vacation days. With scheduling software, managers will have more time to focus on other tasks, since they won’t be tied to their desk, focusing on tedious work. You can boost employee morale, by reallocating your time to being on the floor with them. Employee scheduling software allows you to compute the payroll within just a few minutes, rather than taking a few days to manually do so. Also, you can keep track of employee absences, holiday, or sick time, allowing you to easily ask other people to cover shifts and prevent the loss of employees during important shifts.

Mobile Friendly So Employees Can Access From Anywhere

Ideally, you will want to select scheduling software that is based in the cloud and optimized for mobile devices. After all, mobile device usage has been climbing steadily for several years. With mobile, cloud-based software, your employees will have the ability to check their schedules on the go. Once a schedule is created and published, the software notifies your employees so that they can respond quickly to request days off, or make last-second requests. Communicating schedule information in this way is quick, direct, and secure, freeing you from back-and-forth email chains with spreadsheet attachments.

Cost Effective | Anticipating Staffing Issues

Let's face it: managing overtime costs a lot, and implementing a  scheduling system can help to make large improvements. With scheduling software, the scheduler doesn't have to spend as much time updating and maintaining a schedule, so you can expect productivity savings, and cost savings (calculate by time a scheduler spends working on the schedule each week multiplied by his or her hourly wage). Retail scheduling software also offers the capability to use the schedule as a budget, viewing who is working in a week and their expected cost (wage/hour totals). Observing any fluctuations in time and wages can help managers to determine overtime risk and which employee is best qualified to fill any vacant positions. Basically, retail scheduling software is a permanent solution to anticipating staffing issues.

Easier Schedule Alterations

Consider this: you need to amend the schedule every time an employee is unable to work his or her scheduled shift. This takes time, and is a frustrating process, but scheduling software can streamline the process. The process can inevitably differ from product to product, but every scheduling software package should come with features to easily manipulate schedules.

VCS Software | Scheduling Software For Retail

Traditional time & attendance systems - which are still widely used today – clock the hours employees are on the job after they have worked because the hours are counted after the shift has taken place. This reactive approach breeds overspending and inefficiencies. VCS’ software systems compute data prior to shift work, so that the planned hours and positions are properly staffed. Proactive scheduling promotes a productive, compliant, and fiscally responsible workforce.

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