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19 September 2017

The Missing Ingredient in the Employee Engagement Recipe

Posted by Dominick Mauro
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Employees learning how to cook with chef.

Although the initial concept of employee engagement has been discussed since the 1990’s, it has taken up to now for it to truly transform into a mainstream topic in today’s workforce.

My belief for the reasoning behind this is that recent technology such as workforce analytics can now show quantifiable proof of how engaged and dis engaged employees affect business revenue. In fact, disengaged employees are estimated to cost the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion, according to a Gallup poll.

I've also found that employees become the most disengaged when they feel undervalued and overworked, commonly due to unfair work schedules.

The VCS research team took to Twitter to see what employees are saying about their work schedules. You won’t believe some of these tweets…let’s take a look.







Today many companies are ditching outdated scheduling methods like Microsoft Excel or even worse, pen and paper and are replacing them with automated scheduling systems in effort to create a more productive and efficient workforce. Let’s take a look at my top 3 reasons of how automated scheduling software can increase employee engagement.

#1 Peace of Mind- Automated Scheduling allows employees to work more efficiently on their daily tasks while staying focused on company goals.

#2 The Feeling of Being Valued- Employees will easily become more engaged knowing that they have more visibility and control over their schedules, which in result allows them to better manage their work/life balance.

#3 The Elimination of Post Work Chatter- Employees return to the workplace refreshed and motivated due to less work-related interruptions thanks to convenient and clear notifications sent via email and text.

As you can see, the answer to your employee engagement issues can be found in the schedule! Want to learn more about employee scheduling software and how it affects your workforce?

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