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08 January 2016

4 Techniques to Proactively Schedule Your Workforce

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Proactively managing your workforce can be defined as creating or controlling a situation from the beginning, rather than responding to problems after they have happened. Managers can easily create a more productive atmosphere by making the scheduling process simpler with these four simple, proactive techniques.

Proactive Scheduling Software.

Increase Communication Capabilities

Employees are able to quickly communicate with one another, as well as their managers, with the broadcast messaging feature in scheduling software. Instead of multiple calls between staff members to obtain last minute shift coverage, scheduling software allows communication with each other through smartphones or computers. Alerts and messages are instantly sent to a group of people via email, text or phone calling. This protects personal information and eliminates the difficulty of trying to get in contact with one another. Shifts are filled more quickly and managers spend less time making calls, enabling them to spend more time on important company operations.

Promote Flexible Schedules

Employees seek flexible schedules when they are looking for retail positions. Scheduling software gives employees the opportunity to be a part of the scheduling process and employers can offer more flexibility. If employees need time off, they can easily request it with the click of a button. The alert is immediately sent to the manager for review. Employees appreciate having some control over their schedules as well as a more organized way of swapping or picking up shifts. This cuts down the time it takes for this process by more than half. Managers and employees are able to look at the schedule on their own time and communicate with each other through the software. The ability to add comments, questions, or concerns to scheduling requests promotes better communication.

Manage With Speed

Last minute illnesses and emergencies can wreak havoc on the best-planned work schedule. Finding the right substitute can be a difficult task when all the information is not in one accessible place. Scheduling automation enables managers to quickly look through employees' availabilities, be notified of overtime limits, and determine who is qualified to take the shift. Scheduling software gives managers the capability to quickly find the information they need, thus alleviating the stress from last minute callouts.

Elimination Of Paperwork

Piles of papers, timesheets, and time off slips breed inefficiency and disorganization. Lost or inaccurately approved leave requests put a company at risk for grievance reports. The privacy of staff information is not guaranteed with many paper systems.

A workforce management system collates all of this information electronically and accurately. Instant time balance and certification information leads to better decision-making and planning. Ultimately, all businesses – large and small – benefit from this level of proactive organization through scheduling automation.

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