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07 October 2015

How To Eliminate Business Expenses With Better Scheduling

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Effective scheduling software can help a business thrive by cutting the little expenses that may go unnoticed. Software can help with important business functions like calculating your budget, boosting employee morale and minimizing paper work, which will eliminate certain business expenses so you have more time to focus on other obligations.


Calculating The Numbers

Scheduling software easily does the math to ensure you’re staying under budget and many times can act as your time clock, eliminating overtime pay. There are so many components to budgeting and sometimes it is hard to determine where you are spending the most money and why. Having software that can help crunch numbers will save time and money and integrate with your payroll software, making HR easier. Good scheduling software will offer payroll integration so you can have all your data together and know exactly how the system calculated the numbers.

Boost Employee Morale

Employee consideration is important because happy employees will be more inclined to work longer hours or pick up shifts. They will appreciate the fact that you took their schedule into consideration and gave them requested time off when you were able to accomodate them. This will save you money by having loyal employees, which will cut costs from having to hire new people and submit them through the training process. Employee scheduling software makes it easy to manage multiple employee schedules taking the pressure off of knowing who works that day, who needs the time off and who is unavailable.

Minimizing Paperwork

Paperwork can start to pile up and it is hard to keep track of which document goes where. You don’t need to keep a ton of papers laying around when it is all set up and organized within a software system. Organizing data sheets, employee records and company papers can be expensive for all the little elements like ink, paper, and space for multiple filing cabinets and folders, which can add up over time. Cut those costs in half by having all your information secure and organized through your software. The scheduling software will allow you to choose who can have access to certain files or information. You can set security levels for an unlimited number of positions.

VCS Software | Automated Rules-Based Scheduling

Every organization has unique shift planning and staff scheduling needs. VCS Software works with you to customize a system that best suits your needs. Significant cost savings will be realized with the proper management of overtime, assigning correct jobs to appropriately certified staff, and forecasting demand scenarios. Increased efficiency and productivity will be gained through the automation of manual calculations, elimination of paperwork, and the autonomy of employees having independent access to their schedules. Take the stress out of scheduling and have more time to focus on your employee's and customers' needs. 

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