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17 March 2016

How Flexible Is Your Workforce?

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Employees want flexibility and employers want productivity but there are many ways to achieve both those elements within today’s workforce. A flexible workforce can reap invaluable benefits within your business but the challenge can be implementing a successful balance between the two key objectives. This article offers insights on the proper tools you can use today to achieve a flexible workforce that enhances employee morale and boosts productivity.


What Are You Hoping To Achieve?

To ensure a productive and flexible workforce, understand your basic goals in meeting this objective. According to Fast Business, ask yourself the following questions in order to meet your goals:

1. What is motivating this objective?

2. What will success look like?

3. What procedures and policies have we got in place?

4. Do our managers have the skills to manage a flexible workforce?

5. What are our employees’ expectations and how will we develop a climate of mutual responsibility?

Set goals and experiment with different techniques to discover strategies that can best fit your workforce. Implementing automated workforce solutions inherent in the scheduling strategies of today can empower employees to better manage their time. Automated scheduling provides flex scheduling options allowing an employee to work from any mobile workspace thus empowering your staff with greater workforce flexibility.

How Does Flexibility Benefit Employees?

Today’s workforce struggle with work/life balance issues daily. With a flexible workplace, alleviate the stress many employees face on a daily basis, while keeping mission critical business activities on track. Be sure to develop your own guidelines for flexibility within the workforce taking into consideration factors such as ensuring that meetings aren’t missed and deadlines are kept while giving employees some freedom with their schedule. Incorporating flexible hours allows an employee to take advantage of the time of day where they are most productive. The employee will truly appreciate having the opportunity to be working in a way that best suits them resulting in increased productivity within your business. With an automated scheduling software solution, flexibility is achieved and efficiency promotes a healthy workforce with significant gains in your bottom line.

How Does Flexibility Benefit Employers?

Flexibility is frequently seen today as a value added benefit in today’s workforce. The ability to offer a flexible work environment allows an employer to attract and retain key talent. Employees working within a flexible work environment are often more committed to the organization and will go the extra mile when needed. Furthermore, flexibility boosts employee morale creating and sustaining a positive workforce environment whereby your employees work hard to meet company goals that drive further business success.

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