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24 November 2015

How Can Scheduling Software Improve Employee Satisfaction?

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According to Marketing Infographics, the number one component that keeps employees happy is a flexible work schedule. Employees want to know their employers understand they have a life outside of work and that means they need flexible work schedules and a system that works for everyone. With scheduling software, employees and managers have an easy-to-use system that makes scheduling more efficient. The infographic below by Marketing Infographics displays 5 components that keep employees happy.

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We believe that scheduling and time management should be done proactively, so that the right number of employees come to work at the right place, at the right time. Our scheduling software provides many components that ease employee scheduling. The software can help with more flexible schedules because all the information managers need is in one place. Knowing who is available, how many hours they worked and who needs time off will allow for more flexible scheduling. With VCS software, employers can keep track of work and certifications needed which, in turn, can help lead to recognition and growth. Also, having a system available that simplifies the process and allows employees to be involved, gives managers more time to focus on other employee needs which creates a positive atmosphere for the workplace.

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