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27 January 2016

How Can I Better My Businesses' Customer Service

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Whether you have a large or small business, excellent customer service should be a top priority. It's important for you and your team to provide the best service to each and every customer. This article discusses some tips to achieve better customer service and to help your business grow.

Provide Quality Customer Service

Be Available

An important action for better customer service is to be available. This may seem obvious but can be difficult to achieve with the abundance of tasks on your plate. As a manager, it's important to communicate with your employees to take the time to work with the customer. However, it's also vital that you, as a manager, are able to have the time to focus on the customer for the best quality service. A big component that takes away from a manager's time, is the scheduling process. Whenever there is a scheduling mishap or callout, managers have to quickly resolve the issue to ensure the day runs smoothly. More time is taken away with a dysfunctional scheduling system. With the right scheduling software, you'll have a customizable system that best suits your business needs so managers and employees have more time to focus on the most important aspect, the customer.

Build A Relationship

Remember that customers are people and not numbers. Get to know customers on a deeper level to earn their trust. Build strong and lasting relationships by taking the time to connect with your customers and providing the opportunity to get to know one another. Regularly converse with your customers and remember something important about them each time you speak. This will help you to understand their personal interests and needs to improve how you can better serve them. Also, be honest about your products or services. If you are unable to provide something, don't make a promise you can't keep and don't stretch the truth just to make a sale. This will cause your customer to lose all trust in your business. Make sure all of your employees are knowledgeable about what you offer so they are able to provide the best information to customers.

Offer Knowledge

Building strong relationships with customers is vital, but you also need to offer and trade educational knowledge about your industry and services. They may know quite a bit already from research, but you are the true expert. Customers appreciate the information you can provide that will help them best make their decision before purchase. Get them excited to know more about new services that may become available in the future.They may even pass on the information they learned to other people!

Be Proactive

Understand your customer's needs before they ask or complain about the services. Do your best to train each and every employee to provide quality service. Keeping track of which employees have or have not been trained can be a struggle. Enterprise scheduling software provides skill training and certification management features. Reminders can be set for re-certification requirements and employees who are in training can be properly categorized in the schedule. When your team is properly trained, they can provide quality customer service.

Reward Loyalty

Customers that are loyal should be rewarded. Give them a special discount for regularly patronizing your business or for referring new customers. Add a personal touch by sending them a handwritten letter or by giving them a spotlight section on your website. They'll appreciate the acknowledgement. Loyal customers are important to help your business grow and spread the word about your great customer service.

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