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24 February 2016

Essential Productivity Tips For Small Businesses

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Productivity is the muscle of your organization's success. So what is the key to improving productivity in the workplace? Maintain high levels of commitment and strong work ethic by offering a pleasant workforce. A small business has fewer employees, which means teamwork and communication with one another is vital for success. This article discusses tips to advance your small business by achieving strong and consistent productivity.


Enhance Communication

One way to improve productivity is to enhance communication within your workforce. Workplace communication is essential for keeping all employees in touch with the organization’s mission, tasks, and goals. Having a workplace with strong communication strategies will increase overall retention and boost morale while increasing productivity. Implementing an automation system can be a technique that helps to enhance communication within the workplace enabling employees to better communicate with each other and their managers on mobile devices when necessary.

Empower Your Team

Empower your team to higher levels of productivity by validating their contributions to the organization. When team members feel validated, productivity levels increase.Trust your team to complete tasks in a timely manner and always be available to offer assistance when needed. Be careful not to micromanage your staff which can actually lead to lower levels of productivity if an employee begins to feel undervalued. The successful manager empowers his team while maintaining accountability at all times.

Offer Incentives

Incentives are a powerful tool that can be successfully used to improve productivity. The use of gift cards, bonuses, and an extra day off provide excellent reinforcement for a job well done. In addition, studies show that employees are motivated by the simple acknowledgement of a job well done and even a “thank you”. Always be sure to give praise when deserved for the encouragement provided breeds motivation that will continually promote a happy and productive workforce. It's easy to get, it's not really an incentive anymore. Be encouraging and motivating to promote teamwork and a happy workforce.

Take Action

Meetings are a great format for the discussion of goals and areas of improvement. When scheduling a meeting, be sure to define the purpose of the meeting to ensure meeting success. Define your objectives and provide all employees with the forum to express their thoughts and opinions. Be sure to adhere to all meeting start and end times while keeping to the meeting agenda. Avoid over scheduling meetings as meetings can be unproductive if daily tasks and projects are taking a back seat. A successful manager leads by example and rewards hard work ultimately leading to small business success.

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