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14 October 2015

Top 4 Components Of A Successful Retail Staff Scheduling System

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Scheduling software can be very a helpful tool for employees and employers. Employees feel they can be integrated into the process and have means of communication whenever necessary and employers have easier access to information giving them more time to focus on the customer. Certain components and features make scheduling software beneficial to all users improving overall satisfaction for employees, employers and customers.


Employee Self-Service

Employees are empowered to manage their own schedules, request time off, view overtime, participate in shift bidding, and many other activities using a smart phone, kiosk, the Internet, or Windows applications. Employees will enjoy the capability of having a say in their schedules and a more organized way of swapping or picking up shifts. This cuts the time it would take for the employee to go to the manager and ask if they can go into the office computer and move things around just for one shift. Each are able to look at the schedule on their own time and communicate with each other through the software as well as express any comments or concerns.

Payroll Integration

The accurate calculation of employee work hours according to your business, union, and HR rules will take one-third of the time it takes to complete manually. Create electronic timesheets and allow employees to either print them or electronically sign them. Scheduling software will have integration with payroll providers or use of their own payroll services. The scheduling system should cut down on payroll mistakes with an easy-to-use platform to get each employee’s pay done quickly and accurately.

Overtime Management

Manage overtime with automatically generated employee lists based on skill sets to ensure that the right people are covering the right positions. Overtime rules can be established based on an organization’s current policies and procedures. Realize significant cost savings with information concerning the employees who are eligible for specific shifts. It can be frustrating for employers to sift through tons of paperwork and phone numbers to find someone to cover a last minute shift. There are too many components that get in the way for employers to find the individual who is available and not close to overtime. Software takes away that frustration with an organized scheduling system maintaining the proper information right in your hands.

Broadcast Messaging

Instantaneous messaging capabilities through email, phone, and text provide supervisors and employees with essential communication tools. Emergency calls, overtime or special duty opportunities, shift bidding, time off requests and time off approvals can all be instantly shared through the system. Instead of employees calling their managers to get another employees phone number to see if that employee can take a shift, scheduling software allows for them to communicate with each other on their phones or computers. An alert will be sent out if they have a new message so they can easy be notified if someone is trying to get a hold of them. This protects the workers personal information and eliminates the difficulty of trying to get in contact with one another.

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