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07 June 2021

Better Bottom Line Results with a Workforce Management System

Posted by Meg McCormick

Better Bottom Line Results with a Workforce Management System

Employees are a vital component to any organization. Even while paving the way for business innovation and growth, employees are one of the costliest entities a business must account for. Recruitment, training, time and attendance, and retention are all contributors to the bottom line. That’s why keeping tabs on employee time and attendance is necessary to discourage avoidable spending, bettering the bottom line. 

Time and attendance can be referred to as the skeleton of a business––upholding accountability and maintaining accurate reports. Error-free data makes it simple to manage employee costs, enhance payroll accuracy, reduce HR burden, and save time. 

When time and attendance is inaccurately tracked, there are often consequences. Compliance issues, incorrect data timelines, and payroll errors are just a few of many instances where proper and reliable data is necessary to keep things running smoothly.  

In the current corporate climate, many employers are implementing the use of a workforce management system. Covering an array of services, a workforce management system automates day to day procedures all while capturing and recording valuable data that aids overall business practices and decision-making. 

In this article, find the top benefits of why time and attendance automation helps to improve the bottom line. 

Precise Data 

If you’re a small business, manual time and attendance is most likely the method used to track employee hours. A manual process has a wide margin of error, as human error is implemented into the procedure. Inaccurate hours entered by employees can result in time theft. Employees can also make mistakes on timesheets, especially when they can’t remember details days after. Managers manually keeping track of every employee can also lead to disfunction.  

There are numerous ways to minimize data inaccuracies and chances for time theft. Online data can be captured by employees clocking in/out over a secure web browser through a biometric time clock, or a mobile device. Data gathered from hardware is directly transferred to the workforce management system in real-time, keeping everyone, at every level, in the loop. Even better, administrators can regulate which data staff are allowed to access.  

Employee Expense 

A workforce management system provides insight into exactly how much overtime employees have worked, time off used, whether some departments have higher rates of absence than normal and other critical concerns. A complete understanding of your organization’s labor costs will aid decision-making and accurately project future employee costs. 


A workforce management system processes the checks and balances of all procedures, regulations and mandates––meaning you’ll never miss a beat. Federal and state compliance is covered as administrators are notified anytime there are new implementations or changes that need to be addressed. Stability in employee time tracking and the ability to instantly pull reports and review employee data from the workforce management system can be the best solution to protect your company should there be an audit. 

Empowered Workforce Through Automation 

Employees feel empowered with more control as they can access their data at any time. With the workforce management system, employees and administrators improve their relationships through increased connection and understanding of data and responsibility. These transactions positively affect company culture and contributes to a higher level of employee engagement. 


Integrating HR processes with an automated workforce management system mitigates micromanagement and prevents risk of human error. HR integration efficiently and securely shares data through all departments of your business.  

With the ability to digitally transfer employment and time and attendance data, provide your payroll provider with the data needed to accurately pay employees the first time and save costs at the same time.  

Bottom Line 

A workforce management system offers businesses a solution to eliminating human error and heightens efficiency. Ensuring compliance and accurate data records, workforce automation supports processes big and small, preparing for a stronger future.  

Adopting a workforce management software solution could be the return on investment you are looking for.  

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