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09 November 2015

3 Of The Most Common Scheduling Mistakes

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Scheduling can be difficult and with multiple employees, time can be taken away from the customer as a result of common scheduling mistakes. Scheduling software provides a simpler solution to alleviate frustration and improve productivity. Below are the three most common mistakes and how to avoid them with software automation. 

Scheduling Software

Lack Of Communication

Communication is important for companies to stay connected and understand all the components it takes to manage employees and their schedules. Communicating with one another can be difficult with different schedules and lack of contact information. Managers need to communicate with each other and then pass on the appropriate information to the employees. It can be time-consuming to flip through paperwork to try and find all the contact information for each and every employee. The same can also be said for employees trying to contact their colleagues. They have to go through a time-consuming process that also takes time away from managers to provide them with the right information. Scheduling software can alleviate these woes with the ability to transmit information from anywhere, at anytime. You are able to contact managers and message employees on your smartphone with all the appropriate information at hand. Communication is a key component for company operations to flow smoothly each day while focusing on customer service. 

Misplaced Documents

With each employee comes an extensive amount of paperwork. This creates a lot of private documentation with not enough secure storage. Important documents can get misplaced or become visible to someone who may not have the clearance to obtain that information. Scheduling software allows for the important documentation to be used through the software with advance organizational capabilities and security level access. This will eliminate important paperwork from being seen by someone who does not have access, as well as reduce the possibility of misplaced documentation. All the information will be stored in one place so everyone can quickly access the applicable information they need.

Inaccurate Account Of Employee Availability

It is of the utmost importance to know what your employee availability is and it's challenging to keep track of with all the components that are involved. Much confusion can come from an improper account of availability which can lead to overtime, understaffing/overstaffing, and disgruntled employees that are getting too many or too few hours. Last minute decisions may need to be made at a moment's notice and can be impossible to do correctly while trying to keep an accurate account in your head from unorganized paperwork. Scheduling software will have an accurate account of each and every employee's availability. Managers will be able to efficiently schedule employees and can keep an organized online schedule at hand at all times for those last minute situations.

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